• GitHub-tutorial CSV/XML to RDF by Christopher Pollin
    Supported by Sabrina Strutz our network member Christopher Pollin created a Github-tutorial as part of our first thematic meeting #1 TEXT. This tutorial explains in detail different options to convert CSV or XML files to RDF.
  • Thematic meeting #1 TEXT
    Our first thematic meeting discussed the topic TEXT and took place as web conference on 04/10/21 and 06/10/21. Present as guests were Tara Andrews and Andreas Kuczera. Tara Andrews provided an interesting video on the subject “How might we make data collections more useful for medieval historians?” for later discussion. Andreas Kuczera presented the wide…
  • vDHd2021
    On September 17th, 2021, two of our network members, Marco Heiles and Simone Schultz Baluff, together with Ina Serif (University of Basel) and Timo Balters (University of Bonn), held a session on the subject of “Experiments to capture medieval texts and manuscripts as Linked Open Data” at vDHd2021. During the session, various methods for development…
  • LOD panel
    On 21st June Luise Borek and Katharina Zeppezauer-Wachauer discussed the topic “Linked Open Data in Medieval Studies” with Toby Burrows (University of Oxford). The panel discussion took place in the conference series The Past, Present and Future of Medieval Digital Studies and was moderated by Roman Bleier. The presented slides are available on Zenodo:
  • network poster
    In the course of the activities around the Digital Medievalist’s Symposium The Past, Present, and Future of Digital Medieval Studies a poster was created which presents our DFG-network. The poster offers an overview of our aims, network members and networking possibilities. It is available on Zenodo:
  • Approved!
    Our DFG-network ‘Network Linked Open Middle Ages’ was approved! The project started in may 2021. The operational time is 36 months. On this website we will report our activities. We are looking forward to the joint project time and the exchange in the network – quite in the spirit of a ‘linked open Middle Ages’.…